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Softube: Valley People Dynamite $70 OFF FLASH SALE! - Sound Samples Here

This weekend only the Softube Valley People Dynamite Plugin is only $79.99! That's $70 off the regular price of $149.99! This deal ends Sunday! It's one of those exciting weekends when we get to save tons of money on great plug-ins. Softube is having a flash sale of the Valley People Dynamite. I have been fortunate enough to use the hardware a few times and fell in love with it. In light of this exciting event, I thought I would show my fellow engineers seemingly endless possibilities this plug has associated with it. Click here to get the Dynamite plug-in. Drop down to the bottom to hear the sound samples. Today, the samples are taken from a song I recorded very, very quickly for a friend. The back story goes something like this: we had no real drums and not enough time to program a drum track, so we used an Alesis DM10into a Focusrite2i2, into my laptop. I know what you're thinking, "an electronic drum kit for sound samples??" We used the DM10 because the default drum kit uses all uncompressed, high-quality samples that are velocity sensitive for each drum. This allows the stereo drum track to be clean, but still be usable on the stereo drum bus. If we had the opportunity to use a real kit, I would have in a heartbeat, but this definitely got the job done well. My overall thoughts on this are that this can be a subtle or very extreme compressor. This drummer wanted his snare very up front, but I tend to like snares a bit more tamed than what he was going for. I thought with about 6dB of gain reduction, it not only tamed the snare and kept it up front, but also brought the entire kit to life. It began to sound like a real kit in a room. Here is the raw drum track: The next one is with 6dB of gain reduction. Below is a screenshot of my exact settings with the sound sample underneath. 6db   Here is a screenshot of my settings with 10dB of gain reduction. At this point, I went a little overboard to show what it can do. This is about the time I would make this a parallel compressor. It doesn't have a blend knob built-in, but in modern DAW's it is very easy to set up parallel compression. Listen to it below. 10db Just for kicks (pun intended), I decided to make the most ridiculous sounding drum track I could possibly get with this plug. It actually sounds like it would fit the EDM market very well and I was amused at how pleasing the results were. Check it out! 20-pump Don't forget, this plug is on a flash sale for only 79.99! Get it here before the sale ends! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 855-269-0474 or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton! Check out our other articles here!

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