Sneak Peek at Door Busters at Pixel Pro Audio

Sneak Peek at Door Busters at Pixel Pro Audio

For our in store customers we'll be having quite a few great door busters. Again these deals are in store only! Some we can advertise, others we can't. So be sure to stop in on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. We'll have plenty of deals to check out! If you're not local, no problem, just give us a call and we'll work out a great deal for you too!   Here are a few notable deals we can tell you about early. Keep in mind, supplies are limited. 1. Buy any New microphone over $50 and get a free, high quality, 15 foot Stagemaster microrphone cable FREE - a $16 value!


2. Buy any New microphone over $100 and get a free, high quality, 15 foot Stagemaster Mic Cable AND an SM Pro Audio Pop Filter FREE - a $41 value!

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3.  SM Pro Audio CQ31 or CQ15 Graphic EQ and Compressor. $99.99, that's $75 off!


The CQ31 combines a 31-band single channel EQ with a fully adjustable optical compressor for extra control. When fine band-resolution is required, turn to the CQ31, with a full 31 bands (1/3-octave) of EQ with selectable ±6dB/±12dB range. Topped off by a fully adjustable optical compressor, the CQ31 is ready for the challenges of live sound, fixed installations, DJ racks, and more. Double ‘em up for the ultimate in stereo EQ control.  

4.  PreSonus 1818 VSL B Stock units, normally $349.99, that's $40 off!


Recording bands and project-studio owners will love the revolutionary 18-channel, rack-mount AudioBox™ 1818VSL! It has the power of an 18x18 StudioLive digital mixer, including signal processing with near-zero latency and the same high-end pro audio quality, including high-headroom XMAX™ Class A preamps. Plus delay, reverb, and a complete StudioLive™ 16.0.2 Fat Channel for compression, limiting, downward expansion, parametric EQ, and high-pass filter on all inputs and playback streams. These effects are so good that you can print them to disk or route them through your P.A. onstage!  

5.  Heil The Fin Vintage Style Microphone, $30 off any version!


Exceptional performance is achieved by the use of a special magnet structure with a large 1 1/8” aluminum low mass voice coil assembly similar to the Heil PR 20. The frequency response is 50 Hz - 18 kHz with that traditional Heil Sound mid range ‘bouquet’ at 4 kHz, which presents incredible brilliance and presence. The Fin exhibits a tight linear cardioid pattern. The all steel body comes in a matte black finish for a timeless look.  

6.  Golden Age Audio Pre73 Jr. - $229.99 that's $30 off!


The Golden Age Project PRE73 Jr is the little brother to the PRE73. It uses the same discrete (no IC's) signal path with a transformer balanced in and output. In order to be able to offer this classic and musical sound character at an even more affordable price point, Golden Age Project did scale down on some features that is seldom used.  

7.  SM Pro Audio V-Machine $174.99, that's $60 off!


Break free from your computer with these powerful stand-alone hardware hosts for your VST plug-ins. Carry your synths, samplers, effects, and signal processors with you from studio to stage—and leave your computer behind. Perfect for musicians, DJs, engineers, and producers on-the-go!  

8.  SM Pro Audio PS1 Pop Filter $9.99 - That's $15 off! smpro_0006_ps1_hires

The PS1 microphone popshield helps to improve you your vocal recordings whilst also protecting your valuable microphones. Manufactured using high-quality aluminum mesh the PS1 is built to last.  

9.  Spend $999 or more and get a FREE SM Pro Audio HP6E or HP12E Headphone Amplifier, a $175 to $150 value FREE!


The HP12E is a 6-channel headphone amplifier that can accommodate up to 12 users with each of six output channels feeding two sets of headphones.   10.  Here's an in store coupon for $10 off of a $100 purchase, or $30 off of a $250 purchase! Pixel Pro Audio Coupon   Plus a LOT more. Again there's a lot we can't publish, so please stop in and check out the deals! That's Black Friday and Cyber Monday ONLY. We also have a coupon for local customers. If you're not local, call us, we'll work out a great deal for you too!

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