Shopping Guide - Best Studio Monitors of 2018

Shopping Guide - Best Studio Monitors of 2018

Monitors are, without a doubt, the most important investment one can make into a studio. It doesn't matter what expensive microphones, preamps, compressors or other gear your have if you can't even hear what it's doing. We put together this list of the best monitors available in 2018 to help elevate your studio above the rest.

JBL LSR-306p - $398

We put JBL right at the top of this list because you will not find a better studio monitor at this price point. As you'll notice around the tweeter, JBL implemented the same Image Control WaveGuide that they use on their $20,000 mastering speakers. This evenly spreads the high frequencies among the sound field to widen the "mixing sweet spot." For less than $400, you will not find a better set of studio monitors.

Neumann KH120 A G - $1399.90

Neumann has been famous for over 80 years due to their incredible transducer technology in classic microphones seen in studios around the world. Now, they have entered into the market of studio monitors and are blowing it away. The KH-120 A G pair is the first in a series of groundbreaking monitors from Neumann. They have extremely detailed mids and a very balanced and clear response. Every single detail on these monitors has a purpose. The most notable is the shape of the tweeter housing. It was designed to broaden the high frequency spectrum so the highs are heard evenly no matter where you are at the desk.

Eve Audio SC205 - $1198.00

Eve Audio is one of my personal favorite brands of monitors. I have the SC207 and it was easily the best gear investment I have ever made. My mixes are translating better than ever and my clients are very happy with the results. Above, we have the SC205, which have become a standard in home studios.They work great for small rooms and can easily reproduce sounds all the way down to 53Hz. Learn more about the Eve Audio monitors below:

Avantone CLA-10 - $699

For years, engineers have been searching for used Yamaha NS-10M speakers in good condition while they still can. They have been recognized as the the universally worst-sounding speakers in a studio. Avantone, in conjunction with Chris Lord Alge, wanted to bring that back with the CLA-10. "But David, if they sound so bad, why do people want them???" I get this question all the time. Yamaha NS-10M's are famous because if you can make a mix sound great on them, it will sound great everywhere.  These are very mid-range heavy in terms of frequency response and hide nothing. All the good and bad parts of your mix are on display so you can bring out the best and also fix what is needed. Avantone's CLA-10's are currently sold out due to high-demand. We will have them in stock soon as well as the CLA-200 power amp that matches Chris Lord Alge's original NS-10 specs! Thanks for checking out our list of the Best Studio Monitors of 2018. As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a toll free call at 855-269-0474, or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton! Be sure to check out our other buyer's guides here.

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