Shopping Guide - Best Home Studio Vocal Microphones of 2018

Shopping Guide - Best Home Studio Vocal Microphones of 2018

Vocal microphones are a dime a dozen these days. With so many options, it can be so difficult to find the right microphone to fit your voice. Sure, there is tons of information online where each person says their microphone is the best for everything. But you are not looking for a workhorse. You are looking for a microphone that will make your voice shine better than any others. We put together this list for the best home studio vocal microphones of 2018 to help you find the right choice for your voice.

Most Versatile Microphone - Shure SM7B - $399

I know I said, you weren't looking for a workhorse. But I have never heard this microphone sound bad on any vocalist. It handles EQ incredibly well and takes the room sound out of any recording. Shure's SM7B has been at the heart of many famous recordings and has a place in any home or professional studio. With a price tag of only $399, it is within reach of any aspiring vocalist and home studio engineer.

Best Female Vocal Microphone - Blue Baby Bottle SL - $399

Typically large-diaphragm condenser microphones tend to accentuate the high-end quite heavily. That kind of accentuation can make it difficult to have a female vocalist sit in the mix well due to the nature of a higher pitched voice. Blue's Baby Bottle is much gentler on the top end of the spectrum. On many sources, it can sound rather dark. On a female vocalist, it creates a smooth recording that will fit in nearly any mix.

Best Male Vocal Microphone - Audio-Technica AT4033a - $399

Because many male vocalists have deeper voices than female vocalists, they need more high-end detail. A condenser like the Audio-Technica AT4033a will do just the trick. We chose to put this microphone on our list specifically because it can deliver the level of detail needed for male vocalists without becoming harsh. The AT4033a also reproduces a very clean signal that handles processing very well, so it can be a usable choice for almost any style of music.

 Best USB Microphone - Rode NT-USB - $169

Not everyone is singing in their home studio. Now, more than ever, podcasting has become extremely popular. Many of our customers who podcast don't want to spend a lot on a portable setup. In addition, ease of use is important, as is a clear sound for professional results. For these reasons, we always recommend the Rode NT-USB. It is one of the best-sounding USB microphones in its price range and is incredibly easy to use and fully compatible with recording software on Mac, PC, and even iPad if you have Apple Camera Connection Kit!

Best Voice-Over Microphone - Lewitt LCT-440 PURE - $269

Voice-over is a tricky thing for recommending microphones. Everyones' voice is different, so there is no One-Mic-Fits-All. That said, there are certain things that are at the heart of most of the best voice-over microphones available. These include a low self-noise and a very clear and accurate response without being too bright, thin, dark or muddy. This is why we recommend Lewitt microphones to many of our customers who do voice-over work. For this list, we chose the LCT-440 PURE for its ridiculously clear sound and unbelievable price. It also boasts a self-noise of only 7dB (A). An honorable mention is the Lewitt LCT-540 SUBZERO. Lewitt describes their masterpiece as "better than human hearing." It didn't make it on this list because it sells for $699, and this list maxes out at $400. However, for the serious VO talent, the investment is well worth it. Check it out: Thanks for checking out our list of Best Studio Vocal Microphones of 2018! See our other Buyer's Guides here. If you have questions on any other microphone or studio setup,  feel free to give us a toll free call at 855-269-0474, or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton! As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. Be sure to check out our other articles here. 

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