Record This List for the Engineer in Your Life

Record This List for the Engineer in Your Life

We all know that recording engineers are difficult to shop for. Given the holiday season, 'tis the perfect time to pick up some great gifts that every engineer will be fond of. In order to make a great recording, every engineer needs a great microphone. We've got tons of incredible microphone selections from Lewitt to enhance any studio. Starting at just $249, we have options suitable for any application that will instantly make a bigger sounding recording! Any microphone (not just Lewitt) for $100 comes with a free 15' cable and pop filter! That's a $41 value, absolutely free! Just call us to get this deal.


But how will they know they have a better sound? With better monitors! Grab a pair of PreSonus' Eris E5's for just $299.90 for the pair! That's less than $150 per monitor!


No studio would be complete without an audio interface, the heart of the studio. Here at Pixel Pro Audio, we rave about the Focusrite line. We have many great choices starting from $99.99 for mobile studios or a permanent studio install.


Need some extra savings? Check out our coupon!

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Stop in the store or give us a call at 855-269-0474 for other great deals! Shopping out of town? We ship anywhere in the continental US for FREE!

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