Radial Tonebone Pedals -

Radial Tonebone Pedals -

We showed a couple months ago in a previous BPM article, the great products we have available from Radial Engineering.  Not only do they have unbelievable DI boxes, studio and live sound fixers, and 500 series modules and racks, Radial Engineering has a fantastic line of guitar pedals to choose from. That includes distortion, effects, switchers, and preamps. Whatever application you are looking for, the Tonebone line has it.


Recently, we've had one of our product specialists, Tom Fritz, sit down with a few of these pedals and give us his impressions. Below are video reviews of the Vienna Chorus, London Distortion, and Classic Tube Distortion. Check them out! Radial Tonebone Vienna Chorus Pedal The Bones Vienna Chorus is a dual-mode chorus pedal that mimics the effect of a Leslie rotating speaker by allowing the guitarist to instantly transition between a moderate choral to an intense vibrato with the stomp of a footswitch. This can be particularly useful when switching the chorus between a verse and a bridge to create lush and exciting effects.

Radial Tonebone London Distortion  The London is a solid-state version of the popular Tonebone Hot British distortion pedal. The 'magic' inside is a multi-stage drive circuit that produces rich, fat tones reminiscent of the latest high-gain Plexi-style tube amplifiers. Yet, when driven to extremes, the unique circuitry retains note clarity even at maximum distortion.

Radial Tonebone Tube Drive Classic  The Tonebone Classic is a high performance 12AX7 tube distortion pedal that is designed to deliver the tone, feel and dynamics of a real tube guitar amplifier. It's the most dynamic and responsive tube distortion pedal ever!

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These are just a few pedals that we have available from Radial Tonebone. Check out all the goodies on our Radial page. They have pedals for any purpose and application. Their gear is amazing, check them out! If you're in the area, stop by our store, we've got a great showroom with all of our products on display!



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