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Radial Engineering - Now Available From Pixel Pro Audio!

radial_0180_firefly-r800_2020_a Fantasic DI Boxes, the best Reamp technology in the business, Jensen transformers, awesome guitar and bass pedals, and tons of handy studio and live sound fixers. That's just some of what Radial Engineering has to offer. This company has thought of solutions to just about every problem a studio faces, and they always seem to try to create the perfect solution to just about any given problem. Check out the entire lineup here.   radial_0108_phazer-top-ds-hirez   A perfect example of what Radial Engineering sets out to do when they create a new product is the Phaser Class A phase adjustment tool . We all know that many quality consoles and channel strips have phase buttons. A phase button is a binary choice to fix a problem that is a 360 degree issue. Meaning, when phase is a problem that you're confronted with, it usually isn't something that's perfectly fixed by simply flipping it. Sometimes that'll mostly fix the issue, but often two microphones can be just slightly out of phase. What happens to your sound when you have two mics on a guitar cabinet and they aren't exactly aligned? You get a muddier, less clear end result that gets lost in the mix. Same with 2 mics on a kick drum. With the Phaser you can adjust things to perfection and get the tightest possible end result. Usually with phase the bass starts to get muddy first. So if you find yourself having issues with two mics on a kick drum or snare drum, the Phaser is likely something you need. That's just one example of a tool that every studio should have in their arsenal. Check out the whole lineup, and start clicking around to see all of the crazy stuff you never knew you needed, but will make your recordings and performances sound their best!   radial_0114_mc3-34-dds-hirez

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