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PreSonus B Stock Deals Are Spectacular!

There are loads of great deals this week at Pixel Pro Audio! We've got tons of great PreSonus B Stock deals! Click here for all of them! B Stock - PreSonus Sceptre S8 Matched Pair - $1249.95 _0010_presonus_sceptre_s6-front_copy_1_1 Nothing beats the point-source properties and symmetrical sound field of a coaxial transducer but it takes a totally new approach with built-in Coaxial Speaker Coherence Alignment and Temporal Equalization technology that employs powerful 32-bit, 96 kHz DSP to fully realize coaxial’s potential. The result is clarity and coherence that has previously only been available in ultra-high-end systems. Acoustic-adjustment controls enable integration into any studio.   B Stock - PreSonus AudioBox 22 VSL - $174.95 _0025_audiobox22vsl-a_copy_big_1 hink of the 2-in, 2-out AudioBox™ 22VSL as a 2x2 StudioLive™ mixer! Same Class A XMAX™ preamps and 24-bit, 96 kHz converters. Same Fat Channel compression, limiting, semi-parametric EQ, and high-pass filter— all with inaudible latency—plus reverb and delay effects. Now you can monitor while recording with real-time effects! Bus-powered, compact, and rugged, AudioBox 22VSL ships with PreSonus Studio One® Artist DAW (Mac®/Windows®) but works with virtually any recording software.   B Stock - PreSonus 1818 VSL - $399.95 _0020_audiobox1818vsl-a_copy_big_1   Recording bands and project-studio owners will love the revolutionary 18-channel, rack-mount AudioBox™ 1818VSL! It has the power of an 18x18 StudioLive digital mixer, including signal processing with near-zero latency and the same high-end pro audio quality, including high-headroom XMAX™ Class A preamps. Plus delay, reverb, and a complete StudioLive™ 16.0.2 Fat Channel for compression, limiting, downward expansion, parametric EQ, and high-pass filter on all inputs and playback streams. These effects are so good that you can print them to disk or route them through your P.A. onstage!   B Stock - PreSonus RC500 Studio Channel Strip - $499.95 _0003_presonus-rc_500-front_1   he RC 500’s patent-pending, custom-designed FET compressor and 3-band, semi-parametric EQ combine with a new ultra-low-distortion, high-gain, solid-state Class A preamplifier design to deliver consistent, repeatable, transparent, detailed audio. A balanced analog insert allows you to add external processors to the signal chain. The RC500 uses FET style compression, which is similar to what's found in the famous Urei 1176/1178 compression. FET compression gives you color like tube compression and punchiness like VCA compression all in one. It's rare to see a channel strip with FET compression built in. It's even rarer to see it at this price point.

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