Pixel Pro Audio New Super Store Coming Soon!

Pixel Pro Audio New Super Store Coming Soon!

Everyone at Pixel Pro Audio is excited to move to our new super store on College Avenue in Downtown Appleton, WI. We're finishing the remodel of our new building sometime in early September.

The good news is that our new store is going show off a lot more of what we have available for sale. We're adding a lot of demo stations so you can get your hands on the gear you're interested in and play with it before you buy it. It's going to be an audio nerd's paradise.

We'll still be up and running while we transition to the new location, and web and phone orders will still ship within one business day, guaranteed, throughout the move. Our retail doors will likely be closed for a couple weeks after we move our inventory over to the new location, but we'll work out pickups if requested.

Until then, feel free to stop by our store in downtown Kimberly, WI.

We'll have a lot more on the transition details soon, so stay tuned!

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