Retail Update - New Store Opening Soon

We're moved into our new and awesome retail space in downtown Appleton on College Ave. We should be opening back up in a couple weeks. We're still shipping all of our web and phone orders within one business day while the retail doors are closed. So don't hesitate to place an order online or over the phone, it will ship normally. Here are a couple pictures of progress. Our new awning was installed this week. college-front-corner   Here's a couple pictures right after we moved all of our inventory over to the new space. You'll notice no shelving for it, and also no counter tops for our checkout area. Once those are in place, we'll be back up and running. We hope you'll come check out the store once we're up and running. We're going to have a lot of demo stations open to play with the gear and get your hands dirty. IMG_0737   IMG_0736

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