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Pixel Pro Audio at Night - All Lit Up -

We finally got lighting installed in our awning at our store in downtown Appleton, WI and we think it looks pretty cool both inside and outside. We often get national customers who want to see where we're at, so I snapped a few shots with my phone last night. PPA Outside resize   The inside picture is of the front of the store. The light inside the awning illuminates the glass block windows up top. Looks pretty nice. When we bought this building, everything above lower windows was completely covered with a drop ceiling. Those glass block windows were painted over several times with lead paint. So they had to be completely cleaned off, scraped, and it was a huge project. In the end it turned out great, especially with the lighting now installed in the awning. PPA Inside   If you're in the local Wisconsin area you should stop in and check us out!

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