Novation MoroderNova Synth Shipping 8/6 -

Novation MoroderNova Synth Shipping 8/6 -


The Limited Edition Novation MorderNova is finally shipping next week! Only five hundred of these signature series synths have been produced. Three hundred of them came to the United States, and we're getting six of those. They aren't making more. We have them up for preorder here, right now, and they will ship next week around 8/6/15. The preorder page is setup so only the number of synths we're getting can be purchased. If you preorder one from us, you'll get one because we aren't taking more preorders than we can fill. Anyone who's interested in synthesizers probably already knows Giorgio Moroder. If you don't know the name, you definitely know his music. He's been making synthesizer based music since the 70's, and from his collaboration with many top shelf bands and musicians, or his work in movie soundtracks, you've probably heard a lot of his music. Here's some more information from Novation:


Giorgio Moroder is the man who defined the sound of synth pop and disco, and blazed a trail for electronic innovation in popular music. Giorgio chose to use the Novation MiniNova for his recent American DJ debut at Deep Space in NYC and so the idea to collaborate on a new limited-edition Novation synth seemed obvious. Based on the MiniNova, MoroderNova is pre-loaded with Moroder-approved synth patches from his greatest productions. The numbered run of 500 signature MoroderNovas have a custom design and come with a certificate of authenticity. Instantly-rare, the MoroderNova is a signature edition version of Novation's MiniNova. Branded with Giorgio's 'moustache and shades' insignia, and with a distinctive silver/black colourway, the unit is a stand-out piece of synth heritage. The signature sounds identify some of Giorgio's most seminal moments in music. From the timbres of his disco classics with bands such as Sparks and Donna Summer, to the incredible sounds of the Top Gun and Scarface soundtracks, and his recent work with Daft Punk, Novation’s sound designers have matched each and every one to the original. With access to these you'll be able to draw inspiration from the works of one of the most influential producers alive today. Limited edition, numbered one of 500 units with certificate of authenticity.

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