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Novation LaunchPad Pro Brings the Fight -

nov_0003_novation_launchpad-pro-lifestyle Novation LaunchPad Pro - $299.99 The new Novation Launchpad Pro is the best addition yet to the LaunchPad line. If you're the kind of guy or gal who likes pairing a nice aged steak with a fine Cabernet, this is the LaunchPad for you.  This is for the person who wants the best, and believes they are worthy of having the finer things in life. The great thing is, it doesn't break the bank. Coming in it at $299.99 the LaunchPad Pro is still cheaper than most of their competitor's similar products. The LaunchPad Pro is the new flagship controller from Novation, with more features, colors, and functionality than they've ever packed into a LaunchPad. The addition that most people are probably excited about is velocity sensitive pads. Packing velocity sensitive pads into a package at this price point, with this many pads, is an impressive accomplishment. Here are some of the key features, and a great video on the Launchpad Pro.


Novation understand the pressures of performing live. That’s why they have made it as easy as possible to control Ableton Live, by building four simple modes into Launchpad Pro, which streamline everything for you: Session Mode: immediately trigger and combine your clips. Note Mode: create dynamic beats and play the grid just like an instrument. Device Mode: easily apply effects to your performance. User Mode: create unique custom performances and layouts The whole instrument is designed to keep you focused on your performance. It lets you easily and immediately apply effects (Device Mode), while dipping in and out of specific mixer controls at the touch of a button. Of course, if you want to get really creative, download a growing library of Max for Live devices, and control them using your Launchpad Pro. It’s sleek, lightweight and tough enough that you can throw it in your bag and know it will survive even the roughest gigs. It also comes with everything you need to get started (cables and software): just plug it in and start making music. nov_0000_novation_launchpad-pro_close-up-side

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