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Novation adds HUI Support to Launch Control XL

Novation released a new firmware update for their Launch Control XL that enables Mackie HUI support, making the Launch Control XL a venerable control surface for the DAW of your choice. Launch Control XL has already been the ultimate controller for Ableton Live, and this new functionality now allows you to take control of the Mixer in Cubase, Logic, or Pro Tools at a ground breaking price. What's HUI? HUI is way of mapping a MIDI control surface to some well known DAWs, like Logic, Pro Tools and Cubase, to instantly unlock key functionality. It basically means that with just a few clicks, you can make a HUI enabled controller play nicely with the DAW.  Let's take a look at the new functionality that this update provides. Launch Control XL Functionality
  • 16 MIDI Mappable Pots - The top two rows of pots are MIDI mappable, and have no default functionality.  This gives you a clean slate to pick what function you want to control with each of the knobs.
  • Pan or Send Control - The third row of knobs gives you the option to control Pan, or Send A,B, C, D, or E.  This gives you the ability to control your inserts and how much the influence a given track.
  • Level Control - The 8 sliders control track volume for the selected track.
  • Track Selection - Tracks can be selected using the top row of buttons.
  • Mute/Solo/Record Arm - Each track can be set to Mute, Solo, or Record Arm using the buttons on the bottom row.  The desired function can be selected using the related buttons on the right side of the controller.
  • Bank Selection - Switch between banks of 8 tracks in your DAW using the 'track select' buttons.
Take Control! With this new update, Launch Control XL can help you easily get hands-on with your music. In fact, Launch Control XL is so intuitive, you might even find you don't have to look at the screen any more. If you already have a Launch Control XL, all you need is the latest update and HUI support will be unlocked. Interested in purchasing one - You can find the Launch Control XL in our store. What will you do with this new level of control?
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