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Novaiton Updates Circuit Frmware to v1.3 - Adds Sample Flip and More!

Circuit-1.3-intro-988x377 Novation just announced the third update for their Circuit groovebox -  Circuit v1.3.This firmware update makes the Circuit more streamlined and powerful than ever. Circuit started life punching above its weight. With two polyphonic synth engines and a four-part drum machine, plus effects and more, it’s packed to the brim with powerful beat-making, idea-starting potential. Ever since the launch of Circuit in October 2015, Novation has had a commitment to update it, via regular releases of firmware and the introduction of a suite of tools called Components. Now, with its third update in just over nine months, Circuit is now more powerful than ever before. The latest update brings unlocks some great new features, here are the highlights: Sample Flip Create multi-sample drum lines on each of Circuit’s drum tracks. In previous versions of Circuit firmware, only one sound could be used on each drum track. Now, you can select a different sample for each step in all four of the drum tracks. Sample Preview Lets you play and preview your samples without programming them into a pattern. Session Colors & Single Session Backup Change the color of the LED that represents your Session on the Circuit hardware. Use colors to differentiate styles — pink for house, orange for Techno, for example. Also new is the facility to manage sessions individually, rather than in a batch of 32. Sound Management You can now change the placement of your samples so you can group similar sounds together to make it easier to remember which sample is which. Circuit v1.3 is a free update to the Firmware, is fast and easy to install, and can be done through the Circuit Components suite of web-based utilities, where you’ll also find updates to the Librarian.  Updates can be found at Components 2 Interested in getting one?  You can find the Novation Circuit and other great gear on our website at Novation Circuit on

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