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News, Summer Sale Items, and Radial 500 Series is here! -

focusrite-isa-one-front-closeup   First up, our Focusrite and Novation June specials end in a few days. Don't miss out, these are great prices, and they will go back up on July 1. Click here to see the awesome deals.     wa76-800px We just received our first shipment of Warm Audio gear. Look for that next week. Warm is a relatively new brand, but they've made a huge splash with their vintage style compressors, mic preamps, and EQ's. Their gear is affordable, and sounds really great. We're excited to offer them to you.   radial-logo Lastly we received our initial shipment of Radial 500 series gear. Radial makes very high quality 500 series power supplies, mic preamps, compressors, eq's, and all sorts of unique stuff, like their 500 series spring reverb and distortion. See our entire selection here. For what you get, it's also very affordable. Here's a look at a few items that I found particularly interesting. Radial Engineering 500 Series X-Amp Reamper radial_0025_radial-module-34-dds-x-amp-hirez The Radial X-Amp™ is a 500 series module that lets you take a pre-recorded guitar track and send it back to amplifiers and effects so that you can tailor the sound to suit. The advantages of Reamping™ are many: when recording, the guitarist need only concentrate on the performance. Working out specific sounds and optimal mic placement can be done later. This eliminates hours of tiresome repetition while allowing the producer to adjust the character of the track as the production evolves.   Radial Engineering 500 Series Tank Driver Spring Reverb radial_0022_radial-module-34-tank-driver-dds-hirez The Radial Tank Driver is a wonderfully unique 500 series module that allows you to drive a balanced line level signal through the reverb tank in your Fender Twin amp! Yes, an affordable interface designed specifically to drive spring reverbs of all types and deliver the long trailing shimmering effect that is only possible with a true spring.   Radial Engineering JDX Reactor Speaker Simulator radial_0028_radial-module-34-dds-jdx-hirez The Radial JDX™ Reactor™ is a unique guitar amplifier interface designed to capture the tone of a 4x12 cabinet by either recording 'direct' or by interfacing the Reactor via an amplifier head and cabinet. This makes the JDX ideal for fast-paced recording environments such as film and gaming where take after take consistency is required. But don't let the high-speed production capability lead you to think compromise… the JDX is used by many of the world's leading artists including heavy metal master Kerry King of Slayer, Rascal Flatts, Radiohead and Dimmu Borgir just to name a few.

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