New Store Opening Coming Soon and Fresh Pictures

store-01   We're very close to opening our new store. We've finally got our shelving up as you can see in the pictures. That was a much bigger challenge than you might expect. We still have some demo stations that aren't in place yet, but those are in the works. We are hoping to be open next week sometime. Also planned is a big grand opening bash in November. We'll have a lot of great deals, and also have some other fun stuff in the works for that. Check beck with us in the coming weeks as we get all of those details sorted out. Thanks to our local customers for your patience during our move and as we sorted out all of the related kinks. Our apologies to customers who experienced phone issues over the past week or so. We upgraded our phone system during the move and experienced some unexpected issues during the transfer. Our new phone system is a big upgrade, but we had some technical issues that made things a bit spotty. We think we have most of those issues behind us now.   store-03   We're all excited to show off the new store. Once we're open, please stop by and check it out!   store-02   store-05   store-04

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