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New Shure PG Alta Microphones Now In Stock

Shure has updated their tremendously popular PG line of microphones. The new line is called the PG Alta line, and we have them in stock now! The new line keeps alive the tradition of the previous PG line, which is to say it offers great sound at an affordable price. On top of that, they updated the PG microphones to include a much nicer look, improved performance, as well as some new types of microphones previously unseen in the PG line. The biggest, and what we think will be most popular addition to the line is the Shure PG Alta 181. This microphone comes in at the low price point of $94.00 without an XLR cable, and $99.00 With an XLR Cable. It sounds amazing and is an incredible value at this price point. It's a great all around mic and works for vocals, as well as instruments. It also has a nice sleek design. NEW - Shure PG Alta 181 - $94.00 shure_0004_pga181_lr   The PGA181 is a professional quality instrument microphone with an updated industrial design that features a black metallic finish and grille offering an unobtrusive visual presence. Legendary Shure quality construction ensures exceptional performance in rigorous environments. Additional features include a tailored microphone cartridge design for smooth and versatile reproduction of sound sources.
  • Side-address microphone for amplified and acoustic instrument and vocal recording
  • Condenser cartridge (requires phantom power) with cardioid polar pattern
  • Discrete form factor for easy placement in a variety of applications
  • Includes PGA181, microphone clip, zipper pouch and user guide
  NEW - Shure PG Alta Drum Kit 5 - $299.00 drumkit5 Another great entry is the New PG Alta Drum Kit 5. It consists of one PGA52 kick drum microphone, 3 PGA56 dynamic tom/drum microphones, and a PGA57 for the snare/instruments. The PGADRUMKIT5 Drum Microphone Kit is an essential package of professional quality microphones designed to provide excellent sound for close-mic kick drum, snare and tom performance and recording. Be sure to check out the whole line of PG Alta microphones. They're a great addition to the Shure lineup of microphones.

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