NEW: MOTU UltraLite mk5

NEW: MOTU UltraLite mk5

MOTU recently announced updates to the famous UltraLite interface. We are now on mk5, with this latest generation sounding the clearest and cleanest yet. Check out all of the details in the video below: 


If you can't watch, check out the highlights!

Maximum Signal Flow

This interface is packed to the max. Half the size of a 1U rack interface, UltraLite mk5 packs the same punch with 18 inputs and 22 outputs! It makes it incredibly easy to use outboard gear with 6 dedicated line inputs and 10 line outputs. Whether it's 500 series pres for mobile recording, stereo compression for the mix bus, or lots of different headphone amp sends, MOTU's new generation of UltraLite can handle that and more.

Headroom for Days


UltraLite got a great aesthetic update. MOTU ensured everything under the hood sounds just as good as it looks. The most impressive converter upgrade are the line input converters that went from 112dB to 120dB. Even better than that is the mic preamp gain getting a boost all the way up to +74dB. Plug any mic into these pres with no noise and plenty of juice!

On-Board DSP

As is standard on the UltraLite series, the mk5 is loaded with compression, EQ and reverb for real-time mixing. This feature in conjunction with so much I/O makes the UltraLite mk5 the best option for live performance and streaming.

If you like what you see, check out MOTU's UltraLite mk5 by clicking here.

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