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New In! Tons of Used Guitars, Basses and More!

u055025_311688493-5 We have a new shipment of used guitarsin and ready to go! Featured above is an Ibanez GRG7221 7-String electric guitar. For the daily djenter or a guitarist who is looking for a little extra beef on the bottom, $164.99 is an unbeatable price! My favorite part of this guitar is the way the pickups handle high gain. It is still clear while maintaining its heavy character. u054598_311687037-8 On the other side of the spectrum, we have an Epiphone EJ-200 Artist acoustic guitar for only $209.99! The vintage look of this guitar is worth every penny. This is also a great choice for studio and stage applications. The tone is very clear and can handle almost any picking style. u055023_311691993-2 I have a personal soft spot for Cordoba and the high quality guitars that they make at such an affordable price.  I have a C7 which is my favorite guitar in my collection. Pictured above is a C5 (and we have two of them) for only $249.99! Both have a cedar top which give them a very "open" or brighter tone. I was given the luxury to play both, and I can confidently say that they are very smooth and are a great addition to any guitar collection. u054595_311686282-2 Also from Epiphone, we have received three of the 75th Anniversary Century Amps. If the Epiphone guitar above wasn't vintage enough for you, then this should do the trick. u054596_311686288-6 Loaded with an all-tube gain structure, multiple inputs and tone controls, this amp is ready for any vintage studio job. This even has a Boost option for a little extra gain. For $399.99 these are a definite favorite and will go quickly! As always, enjoy FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. Feel free to stop in our store in Appleton to try any of our guitars before you buy! To see our current inventory on guitars, click here. Inventory is constantly changing, so keep an eye out for the one you are looking for!

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