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NEW Austrian Audio Hi-X65 vs. Hi-X55 - What's the Difference?

In this episode, we're discussing the newly announced Austrian Audio Hi-X65 headphones and how the compare to the modern legends, the Hi-X55. Check it out below:

If you can't watch, here are the highlights!

Open Back vs. Closed Back

The biggest difference between the two headphones is that the new Hi-X65 are open back and the Hi-X55 are close back. Here's a quick comparison between the two types so you can see at a glance:

Open Back

- Less pressure build up

- Bass breathes

- Vocalists can hear themselves in the room while tracking

Closed Back

- More immersive

- Can use in public with no audible bleed


These two headphones use the exact same driver that deliver a flat response from 5Hz to 28kHz. Yes, flat... All the way down to 5Hz. These headphones are revolutionary and have become modern classics in their own right. 

Build Quality

Both headphones have incredibly tough, flexible and comfortable build quality. They have a foldable design that allows for easy traveling. You can twist and turn these every which way and they'll hold together like a high-quality piece should. 

If you want to order either set click below:

Austrian AudioHi-X55 (Closed Back) - $349

Austrian Audio Hi-X65 (Open Back) - $419

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