New at PPA - sE Electronic Microphones!

New at PPA - sE Electronic Microphones!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of sE Electronics microphones, now available at Pixel Pro Audio. There are a few mics in particular that I am very excited about. In this article, we'll go through the highlights!

V-KICK Drum Microphone - $199

We're starting off with a kick drum mic like no other. The V-KICK is a solid kick drum mic usable for any drum sound because of the EQ options built in. If both switches are set to "classic," the mic has a flatter sound. The high end is rolled off a bit to tame the attack and give the drum an overall more natural sound.

The "modern" switches  give the drum a bit more punch by scooping the mids a bit and adding a nice high-end attack. This is the standard kick sound you hear on most rock and metal records released today.

I love how versatile this mic is and how usable it is for any style and any drum kit. It is the same price as many other kick mics, but gives you more tonal options and versatility than it's competitors.

V7-X - $99

Move over SM57, the snare drum has a new crush. The V7-X is a supercardioid dynamic mic that is specifically tailored for instruments. I particularly love the proximity effect on snare drum with the benefit of less cymbal bleed than most other mics. This gives you more flexibility during the mixdown. This also works great to get a beefy guitar tone. At only $99, every studio should have a few of these as a go-to for instruments and cabs.

If you need some extra dynamic vocal mics, check out the V7 (not X version). The standard V7 is tuned more for vocals and has less proximity effect. For the same price, you could have one of each.

DM1-MIC-PRE Dynamite - $99

This one isn't a microphone, but it's a great piece of gear that every studio should have. The Dynamite is an in-line preamp that adds 28dB of gain to the microphone you're using. While adding gain, it also reduces the noise of your preamp. This is an essential piece for users of the SM7B and many passive ribbon microphones going directly into an audio interface. For only $99, you can't go wrong with a stick of Dynamite.

VR1 Voodoo Passive Ribbon Microphone - $399

When it comes to ribbon mics, there aren't really that many that stand out for under $1000. They are difficult microphones to get right and to make them durable enough for heavy studio use. sE Electronics has delivered on both of those and given us a microphone that is absolutely perfect on guitar cabs, acoustic guitar and drum rooms. If you need one with a bit more gain, check out the VR2. It is the same microphone, but with a built-in preamp circuit.

The frequency range of these microphones is from 20Hz to 20kHz... yes on a ribbon mic. sE's Voodoo Ribbon mics have the perfect amount of detail and body. Eventually, we'll do sound samples on PPA Unfiltered (our YouTube show), so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned!

SE7 Matched Stereo Pair - $199 

As a skeptic of inexpensive small diaphragm condenser mics, the sE7's have me very impressed. I would not hesitate to use these as overheads, acoustic guitar mics and even as stereo room mics. They don't accentuate any parts of the frequency spectrum, but just capture the source naturally. Mics in this price range typically have little low end and hyped highs that get harsh quickly. If you want to step up even further, the sE8 for $499 is a set that will serve you for years to come.

RNT Rupert Neve Signature Tube Microphone - $2499

The flagship tube microphone from sE Electronics, the RNT. Created in collaboration with Rupert Neve Designs, this tube microphone boasts definitive clarity with loads of headroom and transformer color. The op-amp used in this microphone circuit is the same one that is used in the 5088 console, a modern classic and Neve's finest work. 

sE spent years listening and crafting the perfect large diaphragm capsule. We then go through an ECC82 tube and a custom-wound transformer from Rupert Neve Designs, closely followed by the 5088 op-amps to give us color and clarity. Up next is yet another transformer and a power box with 12dB gain switches, high pass filters and a polar pattern dial. 

We have this microphone for special order, but we can get it fast from our friends at sE electronics. 

We are very excited to have sE Electronics as part of our line up. Be sure to check our YouTube channel (Pixel Pro Audio) regularly for sound samples and reviews. We are always adding new videos to show you the latest and greatest gear around!

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