NEW: Antelope Audio Axino USB Microphone!

NEW: Antelope Audio Axino USB Microphone!

Antelope Audio has just announced the new Axino USB microphone. This mic is an absolute game changer for singers and especially voiceover artists. Check out all the details in the video below:

If you can't watch, here are some of the highlights:

FPGA + DSP = Synergy Core

Antelope Audio's FPGA chips do a killer job of emulation compression and EQ whereas DSP is great for reverb, delays and the like. With Axino you get the best of both worlds. This combination allows the microphone to use 18 different mic emulations and 10 included AFX, Antelope Audio's proprietary FX that react like real hardware. 

Here are the 18 included mic models:


This photo shows the 10 included AFX that can be used as tracking inserts, or as inserts in post production/mixing. You can always expand the FX at your disposal by shopping at Antelope Audio's software store

Studio in a Mic

Inside this microphone is the coveted 4th generation clocking and conversion from Antelope Audio. Connect it directly to a computer via USB and instantly, this crystal clear condenser mic becomes your portable interface. Fitted with a squeaky clean mic preamp and a headphone amp, Axino is all you need for the highest quality and most flexible single channel rig you can find for only $399.

If you order from us by clicking here, we include a free set of Audio-Technica ATH-M20x headphones! 

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