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MC Systems Apollo Pedals Bring it With Innovation -

mc_0000_lyn The new Apollo range of effects pedals from MC Systems combines rugged looks with an innovative functional twist. Designed in Australia, MC Systems introduces a new approach to pedal control. Each pedal in the initial release of eight models is fitted with ‘ V-Switch ‘ dynamic true bypass switching, which allows the player to enable the effect with dual intensity, dependent on how hard you stomp it. The dynamic response is applied to the most appropriate parameter for the particular effect e.g. Overdrive – drive, Chorus – depth, Delay – regeneration etc. A second footswitch gives fast access to two alternate parameters such as chorus rate, delay time , overdrive level etc. Time to stomp with some attitude! Let's take a look at a couple of the pedals that intrigued me the most.   mc_0006_syd MC Systems SYD String Reviver - $149.99 Let's start with the most unique pedal in the line, which is the string reviver. The idea here is to bring the shimmer and shine back into your strings, prolonging their useful life. That said, it's more than that, in that it's great for getting that extra shimmer into your sound that's often missing depending on your amp, guitar, or pickups. It's an excellent sounding pedal, that isn't like anything you have in your pedal board.   mc_0002_lax MC Systems LAX Glass Chorus - $149.99 The LAX Glass Chorus impresses purely on sound quality. It's one of the best sounding chorus pedals we've heard, and it comes in at a very affordable $149.99. Anyone looking for top notch chorus should definitely give it a look. We have the entire line in stock. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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