Listening Comparison: Sennheiser e609 vs e906

Listening Comparison: Sennheiser e609 vs e906

We get this question a lot: "Whats the difference between the Sennheiser e609 and the e906?" Both of these microphones are on sale right now through July 4th, so we thought we would take this opportunity to show you what you can save money on! The e609 is $99 ($10 off) and the e906 is $149 ($40 off).

This is a very common question among guitar players and engineers everywhere. Everywhere you look, there is a different answer. The e906 does have an EQ switch that allows for a flat response, a boost at 4.2kHz and and dip at 4.2kHz. Today, we're going to show you the sonic differences in the flat position. For these sound samples, we painstakingly measured the microphones to the exact same distance from the center of the speaker and their distances away from the grill to match each other down to the centimeter. In the first example, we have a clean guitar track recorded with pedal effects on a Blackstar HT Club 40:

What I noticed is that the e609 had more proximity effect than the e906. In some cases that can be what you are going for. Personally, I like the clarity of the e906 and how it is more up-front. Let's take a listen to these two microphones on a crunch tone:

In this one, the difference between the mid-range and low-end response is very audible. The microphones were matched within 0.2 dB of each other, but the e609 still sounds louder because of the way it captures the lower frequencies. We have one more example - Distorted guitar:

In this one, I really like the way the e609 sounds gritty and very driving. The e906 is very smooth. I think they would make a great combination blended together. Overall, I think both microphones are fantastic. They could both be used for any guitar amp for any tone.

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