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Lewitt Microphones: Genuine and Versatile

lewitt_logo We are more excited than ever to bring on a new line of microphones: Lewitt! These are some of the cleanest, most full sounding microphones any studio or stage could possibly want. They are incredibly versatile and outstandingly rich. Lewitt captures any sound from female vocals to huge drums, screaming guitars to silky orchestras better than competitors anywhere near Lewitt's price point. Lewitt offers a wide selection of choices to fit any musicians need. They have created exceptional vocal microphones for live performance in the MTP series.  In the studio setting, Lewitt also carries the LCT line which includes some of the best studio condensers on the market!  Famous musicians such as Sean Winchester (drummer of Everclear) and One Direction (boy band) use Lewitt microphones. These are real professionals standing behind a reliable medium. For the best sound, you need the best microphones and Lewitt is here to deliver.

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