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Just in - Golden Age Project Pre-573 MKII $299.99

NEW - Golden Age Project Pre-573 MKII - $299.99 golden_age_pre573mkii-5 The Golden Age Project line of mic preamps, eqs, and compressors is well loved for many reasons. The combination of vintage Neve quality sound combined with a very low price is the main draw. When Golden Age Project came out with the 500 series mic preamp, the Pre-573 it was a huge hit with our customers. We were excited when we heard they were coming out with a new version of this year, the Pre-573 MKII, and we just got our first batch in stock this week. What's new in the MKII? The biggest feature is a new lower noise power supply with a soft circuit start. Why is this important? Outside of the obvious lower noise, it means this version has increased compatibility with 500 series racks. There were a few manufacturers of 500 series racks that went outside of the API standard, and that caused some issues with the Pre-573 MKI. This new version eliminates those issues. To the popular air boost feature they also added a new position that goes up to 6dB. To round things out they added a fully balanced line input pad. So while it's not a revolutionary change (why change something that was awesome to begin with) it does add some really welcome features that make it an even better preamp for your studio.   golden_age_pre573mkii-2

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