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Introducing Clarett Octopre!

_0013_clarett-octopre_3-quart-right Focusrite's world-famous Octopreis seeing yet another upgrade. Last year, the Clarett Range was released and impressed engineers everywhere. With crystal clear conversion and the ISA-modeled "Air" mode, the Clarett has been the best sounding Thunderbolt interfaceon the market. The only problem was that if you wanted 16 Clarett preamps, you had to purchase two Claretts and run one of them in "Standalone" mode. Focusrite saw an opportunity to rectify and even expand on that situation. Now available for pre-order is the Clarett Octopre! _0015_clarett-octopre_rear The Clarett Octopre is an eight-channel preamp and converter. Each channel has an award-winning Focusrite preamp, independent ISA-modeled "Air"  phantom power, insert jacks for outboard gear like compressorsand EQ'sand the option of analog line outputs or ADAT outputs. The ADAT output wields the same converters as the Clarett interfaces with "conversion with up to 118dB (A/D) / 119dB (D/A) real-world dynamic range." There is also a word clock I/O for those who have high-grade external clocks or those who love the precision of the Focusrite clock and want to use it in the rest of their gear (myself included). This beautiful piece is for the engineer who is looking for eight quality preamps and converters to expand their current I/O. I have two favorite features of this unit. Running nearly any signal through this with the "Air" mode enabled makes it sound good, so that will almost always be on when I get mine. Also, most preamps only have digital out and not digital in, so they have flexibility limitations. With this, I will be able to record 16 channels at 88.2kHz through my vintage console (8 through my interface and 8 through the Octopre connected via ADAT), and then mix out of the box with all 16 channels! If I were to buy a standalone converter with the same quality, it would cost me at least this much, if not more. FocusriteTV has recorded a song strictly through the Clarett 8Pre and the new Clarett Octopre. Check it out: The Clarett Octopre will ship soon. Pre-order yours today! As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call us at 855-269-0474 or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton. Check out our other articles here.

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