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How To: Drum Bus Compression and Mixing with Softube (Sound Samples!)

cc_bundle_screenshot Softube is one of the most revered plug-in manufacturers around, and for good reason. They have been making world-class plugs for 13 years! They have strong partnerships with companies like Solid State Logic, Trident, Abbey Road Studios, Tube-Tech (pictured above) and many more! Today, we will be focusing on three compressors/channel strips by Softube: Tube-Tech Classic Channel, Summit Audio Grand Channel and the famed FET compressor. Right now, the Tube-Tech and Summit Audio channels are 40% off! That's HUGE savings, so if you are on the fence about these plugs, now is the time! As the title states, we are sampling these three with drum buss compression. If you are a beginner on the subject of compression and need some introductory info, check out our Compression 101 article! The drum part in question is a snippet of "Phat Funk," a demo song that is included with Studio One Artist and Professional. I thought these drums were well recorded, so why not show them off, right? All of the results are at the bottom. TubeTech The first plug I chose was the Tube-Tech. This particular compressor has been a favorite of mine on many sources. In the picture above are the exact settings I used. I overdid it a little bit because I wanted to show how the compressor reacts to different transients. As you can see, I added a little EQbecause I love how the Pultec style EQ's sound. Very smooth and usable on almost anything. Summit EQ in Next is the Summit Audio Grand Channel. Pictured above are the exact settings I used. I also overdid it on this a bit too for the same reason. I love how snappy this one made it sound. I did add a little EQ to bring out the snare because it got a little lost with this amount of compression. One of my favorite components of this plug is the "Saturation" knob. Just like much of Summit Audio's hardware, you can blend between the tube and solid-state sound. I turned this up all the way because the drums were not activating it very much due to the low level. but when it did, it gave it a nice, fat sound. FET Blend As you can see with the Summit Grand Channel, there is a Wet/Dry Mix knob. This blends the compressed signal (wet) with the original (dry) signal. Many software compressors are adding this to their arsenal because it makes a super compressed signal more usable when mixed with the original. I had to try the FET compressor because it is modeled after the most common drum bus compressor for it's punchy character. With this, I did a bit of the blend and put it about to where my ideal drums bus would be. This one doesn't even need EQ because it brings out everything that it should. Check out the samples below! Don't forget, the Tube-Tech and Summit Audio Channels are 40% off right now! If there are any other samples you would like to hear from plug-ins to hardware, microphones to mixers, shoot us an email at, or give us a call at 855-269-0474. We love to hear your feedback! As always, enjoy FREE shipping on every order in the continental US! If you like what you read, check out our other articles here!  

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