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Hotone XTOMP - "A Portal to Infinity"

Xtomp_Artistic_V08_160405 Hotone has changed the game of digital modeling with the new XTOMP. This pedal is the dream for guitar players. The engineering team at Hotone has been relentlessly working to create algorithms that adjust to the dynamic contrast of the instrument rather than keep a stagnant tone. With these new modeling procedures, the XTOMP sounds just like the real pedal. Not just a close clone. The XTOMP library has over 300 pedals built-in and is constantly growing! The library is accessed via the iOS, PC and Android app that comes free with the pedal. Below is a short video showing a samples of the very versatile stompbox. It can be connected to your device via Bluetooth or using guitar cables with an audio interface to your computer! There really is something for everyone in this pedal. XTOMP is a breakthrough product and represents the accumulation of Hotone’s technological strengths. As such, the team paid a great deal of attention to its visual and structural design. Having undergone several design revisions, Hotone decided on its central features: an extremely thin zinc alloy casing, a silver sand blasted finish, futuristic streamlined edging, a sci-tech logo, multicolor LED halo-surrounded metal knobs, wide brass alloy kick switch (also with LED halo), and stereo I/O jacks (L: Relay True Bypass, R: Buffer Bypass). As always, enjoy FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. Feel free to give us a call at 855-269-0474, or stop in our store in downtown Appleton! Check out our other articles here!

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