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Hotone Pedals! Don't Let The Size Fool You -

Gone are the days of big and bulky pedals clogging up your board space. The crew at Hotone demonstrate that great things do come in small packages! There isn't a base that they don't cover. From Dynamics to Distortions, Reverbs to Delays, and a host of Modulations, Hotone has a pedal for all of your needs! Be sure to scroll all the way down for sound samples! I've chosen a few pedals to highlight that are a must have! Hotone Grass - $79.99 hotone_0016_grass The first offering highlighted is the Hotone Grass. This pedal allows for that pushed amp sound, without the harshness of a flat-out distortion. If your looking for that natural sounding breakup of a cranked tube amp, then the Grass is just what you need. Featuring a top mounted speed knob for Gain, front facing adjustments for Volume and Voice, and a push button Bright switch, the controls are very familiar and easy to access. A tip for using overdrives with a tube amp is to turn the volume all the way up, and use the Gain control to dial the volume output volume in. That allows the signal to be driven harder into your amp, resulting in a more natural sounding tube breakup.   Hotone Tape Eko - $79.99 - Product Release Coming Soon 1-1505201U522508 Secondly, it's no secret that tape echos and emulators are making their way back into the current music scene. The Tape Eko brings you three variations of that old school tape delay sound in one pedal! Switchable by a front facing 3-way toggle, the modes include Solid State Circuitry Tape Echo, Tube Circuitry Tape Echo, and Reverse Echo. Featuring a top mounding speed knob for Delay Time, and front facing adjustments for Mix and Feedback, the Tape Eko allows you to go from light ambiance to rockabilly slap-back with ease. A tip for using a time based delay is if possible, route it through the external FX loop of your amp. Turn the mix at full, and use the amp mix adjustments to achieve a more blended delay sound.   Hotone Tuner - $79.99 hotone_0005_tuner The last pedal feature here is the Hotone Tuner. Don't let the name fool you, as the this tuner comes with a hidden surprise that outclasses any tuner pedal on the market! This tuner features fast pitch detection technology that latches on to your note instantly and is displayed brightly and clearly on the front mounted LED Screen. The feature that makes this item a must-have secret weapon is the top mounted speed knob that controls output volume. When the dial is at 0, the tuner mutes when activated. When the dial is on 10, the pedal delivers a 12db signal boost when activated. That allows this tuner pedal to be used as boost to drive more of your signal into your amp or to push other pedals on your pedal board to receive more signal. A great tip when using multiple instruments is to set the speed knob to 0 (Mute) and engage the pedal when it is time to switch. This allows you to unplug and plug into a new instrument without the noise.  

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