Give Away - Win a Boxed Copy of Studio One 3 Professional

Give Away - Win a Boxed Copy of Studio One 3 Professional

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Using this link, you can put your name in for a chance to win a free boxed copy of Studio One 3 Professional. Sign up by January 31st, 2018, the drawing will occur February 1st, 2018. Studio One 3 Professional has lots of other awesome features besides our few favorites. Check them out at the PreSonus website. PreSonus' Studio One is a DAW made for the modern studio. It has an incredibly fast workflow, yet feels instantly familiar. It is made for anything from massive mainstream studios with tons of hardware, to composers who write for film, to the bedroom hobbyist looking for the best VST instruments available. Now is your chance to grab a copy for free! (Link below) Today, we'll go over some of our favorite features of Studio One 3 Professional.


The scratchpad in Studio One 3 Pro is the first of its kind. Users can now rearrange their song in whatever order they like without messing with the order of the original track. Once you use this tool, you won't be able to go back. This is an essential for modern producers because frankly, the world doesn't need more of the same song structure. People want something different and Studio One Professional can get you there.


The Splitter makes parallel procession among any amount of channels an absolute breeze. It has never been an easier task to blend in infinite tones and still keep your track count down. As you can see from the picture, it allows you to split a signal and process each one differently with as many plugins as you could ever need.

Mastering Suite

Now, more than ever, it is so easy to make a cohesive, polished album without the need to bring in 12 different stereo tracks into one file and try not to hit play before soloing one. What's better is that the phase and overall loudness is clearly laid out in whichever meter style you need. Whether it be for music, broadcast, etc, PreSonus has a meter for it! The frequency spectrum analyzer is also set to FFT so you can see any unwanted peaks and try to achieve a flat master.

Melodyne Essentials

Possibly best of all, this software includes Celemony's coveted Melodyne Essentials (a $99 value) for free! Melodyne has some of the most advanced algorithms to make pitch correction sound as natural as possible. It integrates with Studio One seamlessly thanks to Celemony's ARA integration.   As always enjoy FAST and FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US. Our engineers use Studio One 3 Professional on a daily basis and can answer recording, mixing and mastering questions. Feel free to give us a call at 855-269-0474 or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton!

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