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Get It Before Christmas! Speedy Shipping! Deals!

h-header Everything you see on our website that's listed as in stock is TRULY in stock. We know that people often have canceled orders when buying online, and we do everything imaginable to ensure that you don't have that experience when you buy from us. The only things not in stock are items labeled as special order or Pre-Order, which is very few items on our website. We have a best in the business inventory system, and if you see something listed for sale on our website, and it's listed in stock, it is truly here, and will ship in one business day, guaranteed. Unlike many of our competitors (Guitar Center, we're looking at you), once an item is out of stock, it's immediately labeled as out of stock and you can't even add it to your cart. The add to cart button goes away the second something sells out on our website. Even used items are immediately taken out of stock the second they sell. So if you're shopping for gifts for Christmas, you can feel comfortable knowing that when you buy from us, you'll get your product. If you order by noon central time, it'll even ship the same day! If you're interested in a special order or pre-order item, you'll also get great service buying from us. We'll contact you right after the sale to give you an estimate on when your product will ship. We contact the manufacturer immediately after every special order is placed to get an accurate time frame for your order to be delivered. We take customer service seriously. Lastly, check our home page out. There are TONS of seriously great deals going on right now. This is the time of year to buy. The deals rarely get better than they are right now.  Want an even better deal? Call us and we'll see what we can do for you to help you make your holiday money go a little further.

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