Gearing up for the School Year

Gearing up for the School Year

Whether you're a student returning to college, studying abroad, a teaching assistant, or even a stay-at-home parent, it is back to school time and this can a perfect opportunity for creativity to bloom academically and musically. To harness those creative juices we have a ton of gear and products perfect to capture the magic. If you are looking for that highly specialized audio device or a niche accessory, we have that too. Check out our huge selection of new and used gear at Pixel Pro Audio .com Interfaces Audio Interfaces are the center piece of a small recording setup. We have a lot of desktop devices perfect for tight desk spaces, libraries, or classrooms. The Novation line up ranges from the compact Scarlett Solo up to the Scarlett 18i8, while Presonus gives us the iOne, iTwo, FireStudio Mobile, and other starter bundles great for the beginner all the way to the expert. M-Audio has their classic M-Track and Akai has the versatile EIE and the EIE Pro, which has a unique feature of the USB hub on the rear.


Headphones & Earbuds We have a lot of isolation headphones and earbuds, so you can hear exactly what your want or hear what gets you moving. Every studio setup needs monitoring. But if you find yourself in an apartment, dorm, or library we've got you covered. For monitoring we have several Sennheiser HD headphones, M-Audio has several as well. We have an array of earbuds that cover all sorts of styles and purposes. Whether you're just listening to music or would rather use earbuds to mix there are options for you.

Noisy neighbors? We carry Alpine earplugs for any noise canceling application.
  Mics At Pixel Pro Audio we carrying microphones for any studio application from hypercardioid instrument mics to large diaphragm condenser microphones. But let's focus on the some mics that would be perfect for the mobile student or professional. We carry USB mics. The Shure PG27 USB and the PG42 USB offer excellent sounds with easy setup. The Samson Meteor Mic and the C01U Pro are great for beginners or and can tackle and job you throw at it. USB microphones can make communicating on voice-over programs a breeze, and you'll sound great! If you're looking for portability we have tons of options for you and your smart phone. IK Multimedia has the super easy and compact iRig MicCast and iRig Mic Field that plug directly into your device. They are perfect for recording a lecture, your own notes, or a To Do list. If you are recording an instrument the iRig PRE and iRig PRO are perfect for on-the-go moments of inspiration. And if you're looking for a little vocal fun the iRig Mic is super easy to use, and you can get the iRig Voice in some stunning cool colors. Another great and fun option for your smart phone is the AR series. They interface with your device and are great for sports events, field trips, or lectures. They are compatible with iPhone4 and up.
Controllers There is a keyboard or controller for any application, and we've got them. Our Novation Impulse and Launchkey lines are always hot sellers. But if you don't have a lot of space consider their new Launchpad or mini version. And if you need keys they have the Impulse 25 contoller and the Launchkey Mini. The Akai MPX16 and MPX8 are favorites among DJ's and beatmakers, and with their small footprint there's plenty of room on your desk. If you need a full featured version there is the brand new MPK249.
Accessories If you are in need of that hard-to-find adapter or just the standard everyday splitters IK Multimedia has a number of options to choose from. Browse our Hosa line to find exactly what you need. Can't ever find a place to position or set down your tablet? IK Multimedia also has solutions for stands too. The iKlip and iKlip Studio will solve that problem. And the iKlip Xpand with hold almost any smart phone and will attached to any stand.
We carry a plethora of cables, adapters, replacement parts for a lot of gear so don't be a afraid to search out entire store! We're your source for great recording gear, but don't forget to study!

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