Gear Spotlight - SM Pro Audio

Gear Spotlight - SM Pro Audio


We're excited to announce that soon you'll find the SM Pro Audio line of gear on our website and in our store. SM Pro Audio has a great line of monitor controllers, as well as tons of great 500 series modules, 500 series racks, and a whole slew of other studio utility items that are one of a kind. Also coming soon is their new uMix Digital Mixers. These mixers look amazing, and come in at great prices. We can't wait to share more about that in the near future. In the meantime check them out here:

Their 500 series racks are also unique, in that they have internal patching built in. This makes 500 series gear a lot easier to use and to integrate modules together. On top of that, the power supplies are overbuilt, meaning they supply more power than most other modules. They are a great value, and have more features than the competition.

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