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Gear News - Presonus iTwo Studio, Mytek 96x8 ADC

presonus_0002_presonus-audiobox_itwo_studio02 NEW - Presonus iTwo Studio - $259.95 The Presonus iTwo Studio is here! This excellent package features the brand new Presonus AudioBox iTwo, the M7 Condenser Microphone, and the durable HD7 Headphones. The iTwo is easy to connect to everything from your Mac/PC or your iOS device for high quality, portable recording. Start recording today with this complete, all-PreSonus mobile-recording package for Mac, Windows, and iPad! It’s a great choice for multitrack song production, demos and musical inspirations, live performances, podcasts, field recording for video or sound design, and much more!     s26943-4 USED - Mytek 96x8 ADC - $1499.99 Check out this very hard to find Mytek 96x8 ADC converter! These converters are well loved in recording circles for their extremely transparent sound quality. They are often used in classical recordings because of how clean they sound. You very rarely see these come up for sale used, so don't miss your chance as it'll likely be years before we get another one.   s27128-3   USED - Alesis MultiMix 16 Firewire - $374.99 The MultiMix 16 Firewire is an affordable, clean sounding mixer with Firewire and an Alesis effects processor built in. The Firewire version of this mixer is pretty tough to find. It features 8 channels with mic or line inputs, and an addition 8 line inputs via 4 stereo channels.    
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