Gear Spotlight - iTrack Dock Studio Pack

Gear Spotlight - iTrack Dock Studio Pack

itrack-studio Focusrite has been announcing things left and right this summer. This week we received word that Focusrite is coming out with another great "Studio" bundle. This one will consist of an iTrack Dock, with a Focusrite CM25 Condenser Microphone, Focusrite HP60B headphones, and a high quality Microphone Cable. The price for the bundle is $299.99. The iTrack Dock is one of our best selling iPad interfaces, and the studio bundles that Focusrite are always very popular with our customers. Give us a call to preorder it today.   Used Gear Highlights

Open Box Demo - Valley People Dynamite - $549.99

The Valley People Dynamite is one of the most famous compressors ever made. Now you can get them again, brand new, and in the popular 500 series format. Just plug it into your 500 rack, and enjoy. The compression is famously used to create extremely punchy drums. There are a lot of producers out there that will use nothing but dynamites on snare, kick, and toms. The only problem with the vintage units is that they are all old and getting older every day. They often have issues or are far out of calibration. These new 500 series modules have none of those problems, and are well worth a look. They sound great, and they nailed the Dynamite compression with these units.  

USED - TC Electronic Finalizer - $424.99

The TC Electronic Finalizer Express is one of the easiest to use rack mastering processors ever made. It sounds great, with all of the controls right on the front panel. It's also great for use in broadcasting/podcasting setups to compress the audio and get a nice loud signal, for a more professional sound.  

USED - Alesis HD24 - $699.99fs

The Alesis HD24 is still our most popular rack mount multi-track recorder. These things offer 24 tracks of recording, right in one unit, and they are very easy to use. Great for studio or live work.

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