Gear Spotlight - Focusrite Scarlett Solo & Spring Reverb

Gear Spotlight - Focusrite Scarlett Solo & Spring Reverb

Focusrite announced the new Scarlett Solo today! We should have them in stock in about two weeks. Give us a call to pre-order it today for $99.99. All pre-orders will come with a free ProCo Microphone Cable! scarlett-solo-hero Scarlett Solo joins the top selling range of USB audio interfaces in the world and offers both a legendary Focusrite preamp for your microphone and a crystal clear DI / line input for your instruments. Sleek, light and tough enough to throw into your backpack, the stunning aluminum chassis can endure life on the road. Transform your Mac or PC into a portable recording studio and plug into four decades of analog audio equipment design with Scarlett Solo.   New at Pixel Pro Audio this week:

NEW - Alesis SR-16 - $149.00

sr16-f When I was 14 years old Alesis came out with the classic SR-16 drum machine. It was instantly one of the best selling drum machines ever made. Oddly enough, they are still making the SR-16, 21 years later. That says a lot about the SR-16. I still have my original SR-16, and it still works great. The reason I think they are still so popular is that they are extremely easy to use, program, and they sound great. It takes about 5 minutes to learn how to make patterns, and then form them into songs. Plus it has plenty of preset patterns that work well with many styles of music. We sell a lot of used gear and Pixel Pro Audio, including a lot of SR-16 drum machines. They never come in broken, or with pads that have lost sensitivity. It's an incredible design, and is still worth taking a look at.  

NEW - Samson Servo 300 - $279.99

servo300 The Servo 300 is a great choice for powering a small to medium sized PA, or an intergrated conference room audio system.The Servo 300 features large 10-segment 3-color level LED meters and independent channel volume controls. The rear panel includes 1/4-inch balanced and RCA input connectors, as well as 5-way binding post and 1/4-inch speaker outputs. The Servo amp line also features a 4-stage power protection circuitry that ensures optimal performance and protection of connected components.  

USED - Furman RV-1 Spring Reverb - $299.99

s25126-2 The Furman RV-1 Spring Reverb is one of the better vintage spring reverb units you can buy. We don't get these in used very often, and when we do, they sell fast!  

USED - AKG C451E With CK-1 Capsule - $399.99

s25354-4 The AKG C451E with CK-1 is a studio staple microphone. They are fantastic for many instruments, and are very versatile. You'll find them in use on just about every type of recording, including classical recordings, because of their natural sound and flat frequency response. The reason engineers still grab the vintage C451E over the new C451B is because the 451E preamp section is transformer balanced, and for that reason, people tend to prefer it over the tranformerless C451B.  

USED - Eventide DSP4000B+ - $1199.99

s25442-6 The classic Eventide DSP4000B+ is an amazing sounding reverb and effects processor. These bad boys used to retail for around $5000! If you need a top of the line reverb and effects processor, look no further!  
Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change. With most used items we usually only have one or two in stock. If you see something you like you should buy it before someone else does. Our used inventory changes very rapidly. Hundreds of items are sold and listed every week, so check back often!

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