Gear Spotlight - DBX 160 VU, Avalon VT-737SP

Gear Spotlight - DBX 160 VU, Avalon VT-737SP

With NAMM wrapped up, gear news has slowed down dramatically. This week we're going to focus on some of the amazing used gear that we listed on our website.  

Used - Vintage DBX 160 VU Stereo Pair - $1749.99

  s25004-7 The DBX 160 VU is still in use in every major studio in the country. Why? It's one of the best sounding kick, snare, and drum compressors ever made. It has a fixed attack and release, discrete VCA, audio transformers, and all of that results in really great sounding drum compression. The reason these are so sought after is because they make it easy to achieve the perfect sounding snare or kick drum. Nothing ruins a recording faster than lousy sounding drums. The 160 VU helps you cut through the mix, and create drums that are punchy, tight, and great on the ears. Did I mention it also sounds great on bass?  

Used - Avalon VT-737SP - $1649.99

  s24905-4 Extremely high end channel strip anyone? I've used the VT-737SP on a lot of recordings. The mic preamp is very versatile, and sounds great on many sources. The compressor is very mild, warm, and mellow sounding, and does a great job of smoothing out unruly tracks. It works particularly well on voice and acoustic instruments. The EQ is finely tuned, versatile, and sounds fantastic. If you need that "go to" channel strip for your important tracks, it's tough to beat this channel strip. I couldn't live without mine.  

Used - Alesis Micron - $324.99

  s24903-2 It's always a good day when an Alesis Micron comes through Pixel Pro Audio. The Micron is an extremely fun synth to mess around with. The really fun thing about the Micron is that it's so easy to get in and start making crazy sounds, and editing them on the fly as you're playing. It sounds great, and I almost always come up with some unusual, interesting sound within moments of playing around with a Micron. In the music world, any piece of equipment that can do that is gold to me.  

Used - Groove Tubes The Brick - $449.99

  s24999-3 The Brick is a no-nonsense high end tube mic preamp and DI. Input transformer? Check. Output transformer? Check. All tube signal path? Check. Cheap low voltage tube distortion? No way! You don't normally see high end tube mic preamps in this price range. You do see a lot of low voltage mic preamps and channel strips in this range, and they can sound good, but you haven't heard how awesome a tube preamp sounds until you've heard a high voltage, all tube signal path, with transformers on the input and output. This thing sounds awesome on vocals, is one of the best bass, keyboard, or other instrument DI's you can get, and it excels at just about everything you throw at it. It has tons of gain, plenty for all types of microphones, including ribbon microphones.
Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change. With most used items we usually only have one or two in stock. If you see something you like you should buy it before someone else does. Our used inventory changes very rapidly. Hundreds of items are sold and listed every week, so check back often!

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