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Gear News - Holiday Sale Update and Gear!

There are still plenty of great deals going on right now on our website. We're sold out of some things, and very close to selling out on others. Some of the highlights continue to be the Blue Microphones sale, and the Presonus sale on their studio monitors and computer recording interfaces. If you're interested, I'd hurry up and give us a call or order them online today. These deals do not last much longer, and stock levels are getting low. If our website says we have them in stock, we really do. So order away and we'll get your great deals shipped out right away! Just click on our home page to see all of the active deals. stagedrivefNEW - ALTO Professional StageDrive+ - $399.00 The STAGEDRIVE+ is a professional 1U rack-mountable speaker management controller that provides a 3-way stereo, 3, 4, 5, or 6-way mono crossover and distribution system with six outputs. The STAGEDRIVE+ incorporates top-notch components to deliver complete control over speaker setups of nearly any size and is a perfect match for Alto Professional's LINE ARRAY series of loudspeakers. What good is a great controller if you can't see what you're doing to adjust it in a darkened stage or booth? Fear not, as STAGEDRIVE+ has ample ways to put you in command of every aspect of the performance without fidgeting for a flashlight. STAGEDRIVE+ can be controlled via a PC or via MIDI remote control and comes with 10 factory presets and the ability for you to store up to 64 of your own custom user presets internally or 128 presets on a memory card so that speaker management for multiple gigs, venues and bands is never an issue. STAGEDRIVE+ provides crystal-clear monitoring of each channel thanks to easy-to-see LEDs for each channel, and a backlit LCD screen. Control is remarkably easy even in darkly-lit venues thanks to high-contrast buttons and a dimpled value/entry knob.   smpro_0001_micthing_angled-V2NEW - SM Pro Mic Thing V2 - $199.99 Getting that "perfect" recording take is not easy at the best of times, but it can especially difficult when having to contend with troublesome acoustic environments. Treating problematic acoustic spaces prior to recording is often difficult, time consuming, and very expensive. The MIC THING is the solution: mobile, efficient, simple and affordable! The Mic Thing is the ONLY portable isolation product on the market that INCLUDES THE HEAVY DUTY STAND!   s28265-3USED - TC Electronics Fireworx - $564.99 The FireworX does things that no other effects processor does and in my opinion is one of the most unique and indispensable pieces of equipment made. This FireworX comes with Version 2.0 software installed, which adds some extra patches, effects and other features that version 1.0 does not have. It's a great upgrade, and well worth the money!

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