Gear Highlights - JoeMeek Sale, Trigger Finger Pro

Gear Highlights - JoeMeek Sale, Trigger Finger Pro

TFP_hero_media We received our initial shipment of the stunning new Trigger Finger Pro from M Audio. The Trigger Finger Pro is a HUGE step up from the original Trigger Finger. They added tons of new features, a huge software package, and a massively improved look as well. This week Presonus dropped the price of the AudioBox to $99.95. That's a crazy good deal! For one of the best sounding entry level recording interfaces with a deep software package, you really can't do better than this. We're very low on stock due to the drop. JoeMeek put their most popular channel strip, the ThreeQ, on sale as well. For a limited time it's $70 off at $179.99. The amazing JoeMeek gbQ is also $110 off for a limited time, bringing the price down to $249.99. These are temporary sales. Tonelux has a temporary sale for all of their 500 series modules. They are $100 off for a limited time. The Tonelux modules are of the highest quality, and at $599.99 each they are the best value you can buy for your 500 series rack. Onto the used gear highlights!

USED - TC Electronic M2000 - $374.99

The M2000 provides you with a broad palette of high quality effects enabling you to create magical effects. The true dual engine configuration allows you to run two full-blown effects simultaneously, i.e. on two individual effects sends. The effects have been developed for optimal sonic quality with no compromises made. This has only been possible because our engineers succeeded in combining the latest technology with TC's powerful DARC™ chip.

USED - Sennheiser e906 - $169.99

The go to guitar amp microphone! The e906 was specifically designed for guitar amps. It also sounds fantastic on horns. These usually don't last long when we get them in used.



USED - Zoom R16 - $299.99

The Zoom R16 seamlessly combines multi-track recording, audio interface and control surface capability in a mobile production studio.


Disclaimer:  Prices are subject to change. With most used items we usually only have one or two in stock. If you see something you like you should buy it before someone else does. Our used inventory changes very rapidly. Hundreds of items are sold and listed every week, so check back often!

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