Gear Highlights - Blue Sale Ending Soon, NAMM Update

Gear Highlights - Blue Sale Ending Soon, NAMM Update


This is the final week of the Blue "Mics of Summer" sale.

The deals you can take advantage of during this sale are the best of the year from Blue. If you're in the market for some awesome mics at a great price, now is the time to act. Here's a recap of the sale:
  • Buy 1 Dragonfly, get one half off. $1499.99 total price for 2 Dragonflies.
  • $30 Mail in rebate on the Spark
  • $45 Mail in rebate on the BlueBird
  • $60 Mail in rebate on the Baby Bottle
  • We're currently sold out of the Bottle rocket with a free B6 Capsule, but we hope to have more stock before the sale is over. Call us if you want to get in on that deal.
To see all of these deals and learn more about these great microphones, visit our Blue "Mics of Summer" page.

Summer NAMM 2014 is in full swing


PreSonus announces two new Audiobox Versions

PreSonus unveiled two new versions of their popular AudioBox line, the iOne and the iTwo. Both of which will be available at the end of the month.  The AudioBox iOne will feature a single microphone input and instrument input, as well as a stereo output.  The AudioBox iTwo will have two combo mic/line/instrument inputs, two line outputs, and Midi I/O. Both feature excellent integration with iOS, as well as Mac and Windows support. They have the new MFi connector for hooking directly to your iOS device. Another great feature is that after you capture your audio on your iPad you can wirelessly beam it over to your computer to work on it in Studio One Artist, which is also included. It's an incredible package, and is the best integration of iOS, Computer, and portable interface that we've seen to date.


Novation announced the Launch Control XL.

Launch Control XL is the ultimate mixer and device controller for Ableton Live. Immerse yourself in your music using eight 60mm faders and tweak your effects, devices, and plug-ins with 24 LED-enhanced knobs and 16 multi-color performance buttons. Used in tandem with Launchpad’s powerful 64-button grid, Launch Control XL offers an unprecedented Live control experience. Whether you're triggering clips in the session view or playing drum racks with satisfying LED feedback, Launch Control XL aligns perfectly with Launchpad’s intuitive 8x8 surface. You can even combine multiple units for some serious music making mayhem!

Used Gear Highlights for 7/18


Yamaha NS-10M Pair - $699.99

The Classic Yamaha NS-10M studio monitors are always of note when we get them in. They are still the most common studio monitors you'll find in recording studios. Once you learn to use them, you can walk into just about any studio and get to work without having to relearn what the monitors sound like.


Apogee Big Ben - $749.99

Apogee's Big Ben 192k Master Digital Clock brings amazing clarity and quality to audio production while providing flexibility and features like no other studio clock before.

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