Focusrite/Novation - September Deals!

Focusrite/Novation - September Deals!

Focusrite/Novation have some great Back-to-School deals going on that you have to see! Whether you're a musician going back to your dorm studio or have a project studio and are waiting for great deals, now is the time. Let's take a look at what they have to offer this month.

Scarlett 2i4 (2nd Generation) - $179.99 ($20 instant savings)

D67D0303A359BE23574F61B0D5C88DBB For years, the Scarlett Range from Focusrite has been the pinnacle of home studio and portable interfaces. They recently had an update with cleaner preamps, higher grade converters and lower latency. The new generation, although an upgrade from the previous version, is still priced the same. Now you can save $20 on the 2i4. Don't forget we have FREE SHIPPING too!

Scarlett OctoPre - $349.99 ($50 instant savings)

CAEB669F1F8C3438E736DB4F0A78B464 Are your 2/4/8-channel interfaces not enough? Recording instruments like a drumkit, or even an entire band at one time typically requires a lot more than 2 or 4 inputs. Many audio interfaces these days have ADAT I/O which allows for up to 8 more channels per ADAT port. The Scarlett OctoPre is the best sounding and most cost-efficient way to expand your channel count. There is also a Clarett OctoPre which uses the same preamps and converters in the Clarett Range. Each channel is also equipped with insert points for outboard gear and Focusrite's "Air" mode that models the transformer sound of the classic ISA preamp. The Clarett OctoPre is on sale for $599.99, $100 in savings!

Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic - $499.99 ($100 instant savings)

0B1364B9D790E3B3ADED4448ED7AFD52 Looking for more than just preamps? The Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic has the same natural-sounding preamps, but with compression available on every channel! The compressors are inspired by the famed Focusrite Red 3, a favorite of mix engineers like Chris Lord-Alge. Now, for only $499.99, you get 8 preamps, plus 8 hardware compressors. You will not find any other piece that sounds this good with this many features!

Impulse 49 - $249 ($50 instant savings)

  B05C378654756CDD1DE5C164E8B384D9 Novation's Impulse is the controller suitable for any DAW. The Impulse 49 and Impulse 61 are both on sale for $50 off! This fits perfectly on many desks and is built like a tank. The Impulse line can integrate and speed up your workflow like no other controller can! As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. If you didn't see a deal you need here, feel free to give us a call at 855-269-0474 or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton!

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