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EVE Audio SC207 Studio Monitors - The New Standard

imprint New at Pixel Pro Audio are the graceful and unique designs known as EVE Audio. Founded in 2010 by Roland Stenz in Berlin, Germany, this company has come a long way in a short 6 years. With Stenz at the reins, it was expected to. He was the CEO of another major company called ADAM Audio. The EVE line consists of 15 different monitors and subwoofers. Today, I'll be going over the industry's favorite: the SC207. eve_0005_sc207-pr-front_1 Engineers love these monitors because of their accuracy and ability to translate mixes to other mediums seamlessly. They also can be used for hours of mixing without listener fatigue. The reason being that all frequencies above 21kHz are cut off with a brickwall EQ filter. When you have ribbon tweeter forcing a lot of air to your ears, the high frequency energy can become overwhelming after just a few hours of use. The brickwall filter prevents those from coming through and makes it much more bearable for serious engineers to keep going. eveaudio_sc207_freqresponse The flat frequency response plays a large role in how the mixes translate to other speakers. Thanks to the 6.5" honeycomb driver, these speakers get down to an impressive 44Hz. Built in to every EVE monitor are different DSP modes. I know what you're thinking, DSP and monitors should not be used in the same sentence. EVE understands this, so they use the highest quality Burr Brown converters (192kHz, 24-bit) so that it doesn't color the sound in any form. Each of them offer clean conversion so that you can fit any of these monitors into your setup. eve_0004_sc207-pr-back_1 An aesthetic, but useful feature is the bass port design. Here is EVE Audio's description as to what is different from other monitors: "It's all in the geometry. One of the downside effects of port compression is bass distortion. As you turn up the volume, the efficiency of the port reduces and distortion will increase. EVE Audio opted for a large rear rectangular port with no hard edges for our bass port designs. That's one of the reasons EVE monitors have a high efficiency on the lower frequencies. The results? High sound pressures with tight and punchy bass frequencies that don't cause port distortion. Crank up the volume, and EVE will deliver a round bass. With no holes to look at every time you glance at your speakers." Every part about these studio monitors is impressive. At $1698.00 for the pair, you can make no better investment for your studio. EVE Audio can and will transform the way you hear your mixes. Hear the difference for yourself! Stop in our store and we'll even set a pair up for you to listen to. As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. If you have questions or comments, feel free to give us a call at 855-269-0474 or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton! Check out our other articles here.

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