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Essentials of Recording Class - Starting Again Tuesday, June 27 - Only $199

Our Essentials of Recording Class is going great! Our next session will be starting this coming Tuesday. We have changed a few things since last time to cater to the needs and wants of our students. Instead of being on Tuesday nights for 6 weeks, we will be holding the sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:pm to 7:30pm for 3 weeks. Here is what you can expect to learn in this class:
  • Get hands-on recording and mixing experience
  • Discover different microphone types and when to use each one
  • Learn to use any recording software and effectively set up a recording session
  • Understand EQ and how to properly use it
  • Learn about audio compression, why it's critical, and how to properly use it
  • Set up and discover how computer audio interfaces work
  • Discover different kinds of outboard gear and how they affect your sound
  • Introduction to mastering and how to make your finished mixes sound professional
This class is geared for anyone that wants to learn more about recording audio for everything from bands, to video, to voice over, and beyond. Learn in a conversational, fun way, tailored to the needs of the people in each class. We have a lot of back and forth discussion, answering questions as we go along. Our clients are everyone from beginners with no experience to intermediate clients who are already recording but lack the fundamentals to take their recordings to the next level. So come, grab a cup of complimentary coffee, sit back, relax, and learn about what you love! To sign up, you can Have a band? Sign them all up! Ask about group discounts.  

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