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Electronic Drum Kits of the Future

2016-04-15 11.26.07 Electronic drums are becoming more and more prominent in the music industry with each passing year. And for very good reason! Recently, manufacturers have created some really impressive designs and have switched many drummers over to electronic kits. Alesis is a well-known brand because of the multitude of high-end studio gear and instruments they have been producing for decades. With the release of their new electronic kits, Alesis continues to impress. There are tons of great options from Alesis, but we'll just go over a few today. NitroKit_Overview_1 First up, we have the Nitro kit. Retailing for $299, you will not find a better entry level electronic kit. The nodule comes pack with 385 uncompressed drum samples assignable to any of the pads. Navigation is a breeze and is a great way for any electronic beginner to start. Not only can you play through a speaker system with direct outputs, but also connect your MP3 player and jam to your favorite bands! al_0002_forgekit_ortho_rgb Next up is the brand new Forge Kit. This one is a step up from the Nitro. This upgraded kit comes with a newly designed module that includes over 600 samples and features over 70 kits ready to go! Not only does it have more sounds, but an even higher build quality with a three-sided chrome rack at a very affordable $499! A huge feature with this particular kit is the dual-zone snare head and chokable cymbal pads for a more realistic performance. dm10mesh As usual, we saved the best for last. The Holy Grail of electronic kits, the DM10 Mesh Kit. This kit is meant for practice, performance and studio use. The mesh heads give the entire kit a realistic response, making it an easy switch for experienced drummers. The module has direct outputs to go to speakers, and MIDI outputs to easily sample in the studio. Every pad is velocity sensitive and will provide an unbelievable recreation of any style drum kit (seriously, there are over 1,000 samples loaded into this thing)! We have a DM10 set up in our store in Appleton, WI and encourage anyone to come in and jam! If you have any questions, feel free to call (toll-free) at 855-269-0474. As always, enjoy FREE shipping on any order in the continental US! Like what you read? Check out our other articles here, and keep checking for new articles every Friday!

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