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Check Out Our Used Gear Section - It's Huge!

We don't talk about used gear as much as we used to, but we have a great selection of used gear available at all times. From entry level recording interfaces, to high end microphones. We purchase thousands of dollars of used gear every day, and we have fresh stock that goes up throughout the week every single week. So check back often! We've always got interesting things going up on our website. In fact, the first place you can see our used selection is on our website! So it's the best place to shop our used gear. This week we listed many interesting pieces, but I'll focus on a few that I thought were particularly interesting. Neumann TLM-49 - $999.99 C5E8C0E9B93D0D31770A7BFB22F150CC(1) This is a beautiful sounding TLM-49. We had this on our testing bench earlier this week and everyone commented on how amazing it sounded. This stands out in the crowd. We test dozens of microphones every week, and everyone stopped and took note when we were testing out this microphone. It's really sounds incredible.   Lexicon PCM-70 - $599.99 3CB3CBA421456B25E7D06E4959A3BD0A(1) The Lexicon PCM-70 is one of the most famous effects processors ever built. They never lose their value either, even as plugins replace most effects processors. Why? These things have a sound that I've not hear emulated by a plugin. There's just something about the way the A/D, D/A and electronics sound in these units that sits really nicely in a mix, yet has a unique tone to it. The reverbs are just amazing in this unit.   DBX 119 Compressor $174.99 53F8F5C63AEC929A0B8AE3240087DA06(1) I'll end with a goofy, inexpensive hidden gem of a compressor. These things have the same VCA can in them that the famous DBX 160 VU does. These things CRUSH audio. That thing that dynamites do so well, where they pump and aggressively compress drums, creating a punchy, smashed, aggressive sound? That's what this thing does. It's a bit noisier than a Dynamite, but it is a fun compressor to slam drums through.

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