Check Out Our Latest Recording Bundles and Save!

Check Out Our Latest Recording Bundles and Save!

We've been very busy that past few months finding ways in which we can save you money. One of the best ways we have found is bundling. That means we throw in lots of extra stuff that you may need in the future all in one package for little to no additional cost! Let's take a look at some of our favorites.

Clarett 2Pre with JM27 and XLR Cable - $509.99

2pre-jm27 The Clarett Range by Focusrite are some of the fastest and best-sounding interfaces available. ISA modeled preamps and crystal-clear converters make this interface an easy choice. The 2Pre typically runs at $499.99, but for an additional $10, we are throwing in a JM27 small diaphragm condenser microphone and a free cable. This is a great package for anyone looking to upgrade their interface, or begin recording. If you don't need the microphone, check out our other Clarett 2Pre bundle with two 15-foot XLR cables included for FREE!

Hotone Skyline Pedal with PSU and 8-Head - $109.97

DFCC5DC62BBF79F0FEB8DFDF40D1CB6B In this bundle, we combined the Skyline pedal (among others in different bundles) with the Goldwire power supply and the 8-Head daisy chain absolutely free. This allows you to connect up to 8 pedals together and save $10 in the process!

Heil PR40 with Boom Arm and Shockmount - $459.99

20DF79BED210B01D7384F45276F18240 We get a lot of customers looking for podcasting gear. A common theme among them is the desire for a high-quality microphone with a boom arm that can clip to their desk. The PR40 is an industry standard microphone for broadcasting, so we decided it was the perfect choice. We have also included the PR40 shockmount and a boom arm with a cable already installed. This makes it the perfect solution for a clean setup that sounds great. Saving over $10 is a great bonus as well!

PreSonus Studio 192 + DP88 + Faderport + Cables - $1499.95


Thanks to our good friends at PreSonus, we have put together the ultimate Pixel Pro Audio Exclusive Bundle. This includes a Studio 192 interface, Digimax DP88, two optical cables and a Faderport. This give you a whopping 16 channels of detailed preamps, low round-trip latency and the ability to control your DAW session by hardly moving a finger. Of course, the Studio 192 also includes a free copy of Studio One 3: Artist Version. The is a killer package and saves you over $250!  

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