Chameleon Labs is Coming Soon to Pixel Pro Audio

Chameleon Labs is Coming Soon to Pixel Pro Audio

Chameleon Labs - Pixel Pro Audio Dealer We're thrilled to announce that Chameleon Labs products will soon be coming to Pixel Pro Audio! Chameleon Labs has made a name for themselves by creating high quality classic Preamp, EQ, and Compressors at an affordable price. We should have them up for sale in the next couple weeks. I've personally used the Chameleon Labs rack gear in the past, and it sounds amazing, and is something I'm excited to be able to offer to our customers. Let's take a look at their offerings! Chameleon Labs 581 - 500 Series Preamp Chameleon Labs 581 500 series module

The 581 microphone preamplifier card has a transformer balanced input with a gain range of +25dB to +80dB. The Model 581 has been carefully constructed and individually tested for quality. It utilizes class ‘AB’ circuitry. This unit is made with 100% discrete components and was fabricated to precisely match vintage counterparts manufactured in the early 70’s. The Chameleon Labs Model 581 is based on high audio performance design techniques. By employing classic circuit design, polystyrene capacitors, hand selected components and custom wound transformers, Chameleon Labs ensures that the Model 581 will exhibit classic audio sound.

  Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII Preamp/EQ

Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII - Pixel Pro Audio Dealer

The 7602MKII microphone preamp is Chameleon Audio’s ode to the revered, Rupert Neve designed, 1073 pre amp of years gone by. The 7602 delivers on the promise of huge analogue audio performance at a budget price point without cutting corners in design of features.   Chameleon Labs 7720 VCA Stereo Compressor

Chameleon Labs 7720 VCA Stereo Compress - Pixel Pro Audio Dealer

The 7720 compressor has a sonic imprint that is sweet, clean and highly musical as well as shining when pushed hard. It does both transparency and glue with panache: making a mix louder and punchier while imparting an expensive, modern-sounding cohesiveness. With low ratios it treads gently but when pushed, it can introduce harder compression and a hint of distortion (we call it color) providing a harder character.   Chameleon Labs TS-1 MKII Tube Microphone

Chameleon Labs TS-1 MKII - Pixel Pro Audio Dealer

The TS-1MKII is a great sounding, extremely versatile condenser microphone system including cardioid and omni capsules, separate power supply and a vacuum tube based microphone audio circuit. Engineers like Grammy award winner George Massenburg rave about the TS1’s performance and you will too.

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