Best Studio Monitors

Best Studio Monitors

One of the most important components of any studio is the monitoring. If the engineer can't hear the mix accurately, neither will the audience. It is so crucial to have a good set of monitors that are going to translate well to other speakers and listening mediums. We have comprised a list of our favorite monitor pairs of all price ranges to help you get an idea of what will bring your studio to the next level.

PreSonus Eris E5 - $299

_0014_presonus_eris_e5-a_copy Lately, PreSonus has been on fire in the monitor and software department. The E5's are solid proof. These are some of our favorite entry-level monitors because of the natural response for such a great price. Check out our video to learn more below!

Avantone Active Mix Cube - $479

av_0006_mixcube_black_active Avatone designed the Mix Cubes with the famed NS-10 in mind. These monitors focus on the mid-range because that is the part of the mix that carries through to most speakers. If the mid-range isn't right in the mix room, it won't be right in the car. That is exactly why the Mix Cubes are on this list. For those who prefer their own power amplifier, there is also a passive version of these monitors.

Fostex PM0.5d - $349

fostex_0002_pm05d-4 The Fostex PM0.5d is the successor of the PM0.5n, a nearfield pair of studio monitors. Thousands of home and pro engineers love and trust Fostex because they have been in the field for so long. The PM0.5d has a tight bass response with even mids and highs that don't get harsh. This is a seriously great bang for the buck as well as a great investment without breaking the bank. We even have the white pair for $249, a hundred-dollar discount!

Neumann KH-120 A - $1499.90

kh-120-03 Neumann is in the realm of high-end audio and have been for decades. They are very famous for the legendary microphones they have designed that are still used in studios many years later. Now, they have entered into the market of studio monitors and are blowing it away. The KH-120 A pair is the first in a series of groundbreaking monitors from Neumann. They have extremely detailed mids and a very balanced and clear response. An excellent choice for affordable high-end monitors.

PreSonus Eris E66 - $699.90

pre_0001_presonus-eris_e66-front_copy As I stated above, PreSonus is on fire in the monitor department, and the E66 is no exception. The first time I heard these, I was expecting them to be a lot more expensive than they were. I am still blown away that the price is less than $700 for the pair! The E66 pair features two 6.5" monitors with so much low and mid detail. I'm glad they kept the silk dome tweeter from the E5 pair because the highs are so smooth and natural. The really cool thing about these monitors is that they can be use horizontally or vertically to adapt to your mixing space.

EVE Audio SC207 - $1698.00

eve_0005_sc207-pr-front_1 Finally, we have reached my personal favorites, the SC207 pair. EVE Audio is a relatively new brand whose founder came from a similar well-known manufacturer. The SC207 is a favorite among the world's top engineers for accuracy, transparency, and overall ability to translate a mix. Find out what makes these monitors so great in our overview below: That wraps up the list of our favorite studio monitors.   Be sure to check out our other gift guides before the holidays end! As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call us at 855-269-0474 or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton!

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